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Frequently Asked Question

Do you provide web hosting with my site?
This is one of the many services we do provide. If you opt for us to provide the hosting we will create a brand new server for you with our hosting account and manage it for you. As your business scales we can do the same as needed with minimal down time this way.

If you opt to use your own hosting we will manage it just the same for you, though we CANNOT guarantee that the services will be up all of the time due to the differences in hosting reliability.

Do you deal with everything, such as DNS?

Yes. We will deal with the DNS, the databases, the web host and any other things that will help you focus more on your business. If we don’t have previous experience, we are not opposed to learning some new technologies to make our clients lives easier.

Do you recommend a theme to start with?

We personally use and provide to our clients sites built with the Divi theme. This theme is highly customizable and can be changed endlessly. This provides a client with a easy way to edit their sites based on the ever changing needs of your business. As you can see from the site your viewing it is a visually pleasing design.

Say for example one of your staff members decided to leave the company, and now you have to contact a developer to remove the image from the site. If you have a site built from us around the Divi theme you can now go in and swap it out easily with no hassle.

If you have our maintenance service these changes are included at no extra cost and are completed withen 24 hours of the request. We usually have most changes done withen an hour of the request as most changes our clients need are minimal.

Can you develop a custom theme?
Yes. We can of course do this for any client that wants something outside of the box and custom for them. As this takes a lot of time to get working and looking great, it’s best that small companies usually start with a theme and tailor it to themselves.

We are not trying to talk anyone out of a custom site by any means, rather we want every business owner to realize that you don’t need a $10,000 website to start your business. Templates are great and easy to customize and can be edited to conform to your business easily.

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