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Bryson Shepard

Bryson Shepard


My name is Bryson and I am a new blogger and freelancer. I was recently part of a company but decided to venture out on my own. In general i’m not very interesting, i’m your average american male: food, computers, video games, cats, dogs, ect. I take it all in moderation and try to keep myself learning while enjoying my free time.

I’m looking to keep doing freelancer work and making a living doing what i love as i feel everyone should. My education is mostly self taught through tons of tutorials, books, and forum posts on various topics. I like to consider myself a fast learner and try to pick up on things as quickly as i can. I enjoy reading tutorials and wading through documentation when it is actually readable.

I’m currently dating my wonderfuly amazing girlfriend Angela of five years, not to mention fully supportive of everything I do including the late nights as needed for projects. When i’m not working i enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and of course (even while working) hanging out with my animals.

In our blog I plan to release free detailed tutorials about relevant topics to technology in general. As i learn new topics I plan to share what i’ve learned and hope to gain feedback from the general public to help improve even more. All projects that are made via tutorials will be open sourced and available via our github. Any projects done through client orders will not be open sourced but may be featured on the site with and only with permission from the client.

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