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WordPress Development

Our main focus is making sure our client is happy with a easily manageable website. We can work from a theme you like or tweak your existing website to your liking.

Managed Hosting

We take the technical load off of you so you can focus on what really matters to you most, your business.

Choose a Premade Template
If you want to hit the ground running with a fresh site a template is the way to go. This will make sure your site is up and running in no time.

We can work with you to make sure your branding and content get added to the template you like while making sure you love the outcome!

Built From Scratch
If your looking for more of a custom job we can work with this as well. We will work with you to help you create a highly customizable website you can be proud to show off.
Maintenance & Updates
We make sure your plugins and your site’s inner workings are kept working and running smooth. We work hard to make sure any updates don’t end up mangling your site.
Cloud Servers
We use cloud based servers to host our sites. Mostly we use Digital Ocean thanks to their reliability, availability, and ease of scaling.

Ubuntu Based Servers

We utilize Ubuntu server operating system on our managed hosting servers. We only load the required software to the server that is needed to run your application.

Fully Managed
We monitor your sites daily to ensure your site is running and working as intended. We are available if issues arise to get them sorted out and get you back to running your business.

Our Development Process


We work with you to make a plan and get everything sorted out prior to starting our work. We like to have a clear plan when we start so that we can keep expectations and timelines realistic.


We take your vision of your site and transition it to the world wide web. We get the look you like with the features you need to make your business run smoother. 


Once we reach our milestone project we have a last chance to make minimal changes to your sites overall appearance. At this point we should have a working semi-live version of your site. This is the last step before going Live!


We take your site live and make sure it can handle the traffic you intend to have. We make sure everything is in order to set it and forget it, at least for you. 

Fresh Business Package

Deluxe Full Service Website Package

This package is for any fresh, new business out there looking for a website quick. When you get started you need a website to convey your message to the general customers you expect to gain and sell to. But you also want something that tells your brand story and helps you build your image and trust.

We want to make sure when a customer comes to your site they’re not sitting there wondering if your a legit business or not, no we make your site look great and be able to tell its story. We work to make sure your site is up fast without sacrificing the quality that goes into it. We get you started with a nice, simple, easy to manage website to get you on the way to your own success quickly and easily.

By utilizing our services not only will you have a solid, amazing looking website that perfect for you. But you will have a partner that will have your back every step of the way. You will also have the peace of mind that your home on the internet will always be accessible to the great masses of that is the internet.

  • Hosting setup for your domain
  • Setup and management of web server
  • Amazing website created for your business
  • Domain name registration and management, pending availability
  • Email setup with provider of choice, we recommend Office 365
  • Peace of mind
Plans starting at the low price of $75 per month

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Website Development

Website Design Package

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Other Packages 

Server Management

Tired of reading all those “tutorials” and trying to make since of what is going on when setting up your server(s)?

We would be happy to take on this duty for you and allow you to get back to what matters to you and your business.

Email Management

Tired of doing all the grunt work for your business, tired of being “The Boss”, HR, Sales, AND IT along with Tech Support? Offload that to us and feel that freedom open up to you!

We will take on the duties of managing your business email systems as well as on-boarding for new employees and all the grunt work that accompanies it.


Website Re-platform or Migration

Tired of your current host? Feel like a change is in order? Or do you have some “Custom” code running your site, but want a new home for it?

Yea we do this type of stuff. We will of course take on this load for you and make sure your happy when the job is done!

Completely Custom Site

You have an idea or something already in the work? That’s not a problem, we can look over anything from “chicken scratch”, and very rough outlines on a scanned napkin up to very intricately, detailed design documents.

We’re sure if you have a idea we can find a way to make it real. If we just can’t do it , we will plain and simple tell you up front and try to explore other avenues.

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