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Why WordPress?

You can make some amazing, professional websites with WordPress without taking a great deal of time to learn coding. You can do in a weekend what could take you multiple months or more to code. The WordPress software, once installed gives you the ability to create some extraordinary types of sites.

WordPress works for a range of website creations, personal portfolios, web blogs, and landing pages for example. These types of sites are made super-simple with WordPress and if made correctly can be easy to modify as your future needs change and evolve. You can start with a super basic site with a tiny bit of content and start building it up by using some of the plugins and themes available for free in the public repositories. If you ever need some custom functionality you can’t find, you can create this yourself or hire a developer to do this for you if you don’t feel comfortable with your programming skills.

For simple sites some might say WordPress is overkill, but in the long run can save you countless hours of development time. This is due to most features people want are inside the core software, this includes features like the post, pages for easy content creations, the media library for uploading and managing your images and videos. Among other features, WordPress is an amazing tool in general. With the availability of the multitudes of page builders out there now days it’s easy to get your website to look the way you like. WordPress can scale up to create some pretty massive websites. Some examples include but are not limited to JQuery, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, and AMC. Of course all of these sites have a huge development pool available to create content and code additions on the fly.

Utilizing Themes in WordPress

Themes make it simple to get a base look added to your site and usually allow you a easy way to modify the remaining items you would like changed. Some themes such as the Divi theme are based around a whole WYSIWYG approach, also know as a Visual Builder. No matter the theme you choose to go with, you will no doubt find elements you would like changed at some point and some of these will be easy while some will require a ton of research or a small fee paid to a developer.

Once you begin starting to think about editing your themes pretty heavily, you should probably start thinking about enhancing your skills a bit. You should start thinking about learning a good amount of HTML and CSS at the very least to be able to modify the theme and elements. On top of that i would also recommend at the very least learning some basic PHP, this would include variables, loops, arrays, how to interface with a database and run queries as a start.

As for the real question, Why Should You Use WordPress For Your Website? The answer is really up to you and how much time you would like to waste on a fully custom application. If you require something that needs to built up, chances are you would be able to use WordPress for it and have a fantastic place for starting.